EcoPodTM 3D Demonstration

The highly efficient structural design allows the EcoPod™ to be customized in a variety of ways, including job site offices, indoor farms, emergency medical shelters, command centers, temporary housing and mobile kitchens.

EcoPod™ Unit

EcoPodTM "Podular" Construction

Our EcoPod™ units are designed to be integrated together to form rooms as large as desired and stacked to create multi-level structures, all while providing a low-cost "podular" solution that is able to operate in any climate and conditions.

EcoPodTM Secure Cultivation Facility

Below is an example of EcoPod™ units operating either individually or integrated to form an indoor growing environment that is compartmentalized for plant health/safety, security, scale-able and easily moved, if desired, to alternate locations without typical permitting, construction time frames and high costs.